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Get a Great Smile

As soon as you walk into dr. jo hansen’s office, taylor has the biggest smile on her face and has you checked in before you even walk in the door. She makes the the office visit a million times better, especially the waiting process:))


I am so happy I chose this place for my daughter. The staff is so nice and she loves going to her appointments.


My daughter absolutely loves going in here. Everyone is so friendly and treats her so well. You get the feeling people enjoy working there and that provides for a great atmosphere for the patients. Keep up the good work guys!


Oh my goodness!!!! I am so excited �. I wanted to say thank you very, very much to Hansen Orthopedics for my super cute Yeti Cooler, Yeti hat & Yeti tumbler. Their support and dedication to Breast Cancer Awareness & Research is so appreciated by me, being a 20 year survivor, and many others. It’s businesses like yours that helps patients and survivors get through each day during their battle. Thanks again to the compassionate office staff that I got to meet with today� you guys really made my � happy �


There’s not enough space to tell you how amazing Taylor is to work with. She’s always in a great mood and always has the answers at hand. She’s very professional yet fun and easy to speak to on the phone. Everyone there is great but I have more interaction with Taylor.

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104 S Independence St
Harrisonville, MO 64701

Confident Smiles Made Daily

Our office offers a breadth of services to meet your needs. Check out the overview of our services listed below or book a consultation to discuss which services are best for you.

  • Braces
  • Invisalign® Aligners
  • Smile Express®
  • Retainers
  • Kids 7 & up
  • Remote Care

Our Team

You can have it all!  We work with patients to achieve their full smile potential by creating exceptional experiences provided by rockstar team members who help to deliver awesome outcomes every day.  Confident smiles are made daily at Smile Doctors.

Jenna Walburn
Dr. Jenna Walburn

Coming Soon…


Love Dr. Hansen and her amazing staff! She is great about developing long-term plans for kiddos that create great results—one of my kids has completed orthodontia with Dr. Hansen, one is currently in braces and another will start the process soon. We wouldn’t go anywhere else! Fun atmosphere, we rarely ever have to wait and when we do there’s plenty to do to make the short wait enjoyable. Highly recommend!

Holly Rich Godfrey

Everyone is so nice and informative. Thank you

Jessica Medrano Solis

Love the staff and the doctors! Thank you for treating my daughter Luke your own.

Jerian Cesonis

Absolutely one of the best in the business! They have always been on the very cutting edge of everything in this field and their staff is friendly and accommodating. The office is gorgeous and my kids love the treats and entertainment while they wait! Dr. Hansen and staff are truly second to none!!

Allison Hansen Ronning

Everyone in the office is sooooo nice, and very professional. Best orthodontists in the city!

Chrishaunda Chrisy Bean
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