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In-Office Consultation

An in-office consultation is the best way to explore all your orthodontic treatment options. During your consultation, you will meet our friendly team members, tour the practice, and discuss your lifestyle and treatment goals.

Then you’ll have a comprehensive orthodontic exam, complete with photos and x-rays*. 

After your exam, we will review your dental and medical history forms and exam records, discuss your treatment plan options, and review all financial information, including insurance benefits and payment plan options. In short, we’ll work together to determine which treatment plan is right for you and your lifestyle. 

Ready to get started? Schedule your complimentary consultation today!

*While your office visit and consultation are complimentary, there may be diagnostic records fees associated with your orthodontic exam.

Scheduling Appointments

Once you begin, regular visits may be needed based on your treatment plan. On average, patients are scheduled for a checkup once every four to eight weeks. Depending on your treatment, the length and frequency of your visit will vary. During these visits, your orthodontist assesses your progress and makes any necessary adjustments to insure a beautiful result. Also, many of our orthodontists have virtual appointments so there is no need to come to the clinic. All appointments can be scheduled in the Smile Doctors Anywhere app.

During treatment, it is necessary for you to keep up with regular teeth cleanings with your dentist. When fitted with braces or Invisalign® clear aligners, patients should have their teeth cleaned two to four times a year. Now that you know what to expect, get in touch with the team to schedule an appointment!