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Get a Great Smile

It was great. They worked with us when it came to payments. Dr. Jones came in an to explain to us why Jaden needed braces. Everything we wanted to know he answered in great detail. What I like most about Smile doctors is that parents can go in the back with their children; no matter how old they are.


We just transferred from another Smile Doctors team due to a move. They have gone above and beyond for our daughters care. She was in pain as her permanent retainer (after expander) was digging into her gums and she got an infection. Melinda stayed after hours, got her retainer out and flushed the wounds in her mouth. My daughter was so relieved as her source of pain was gone! My husband took her to a follow up visit this past Tuesday and they called me after they left as he forgot his kindle. He just retired from the Army but is enrolled full time in college classes and had tons of work to do. We live 1 hour away and he was almost home. We were just going to drive back out there later in the week but Ashley insisted on sending it to us. Needless to say we received the kindle 2 days later and they wouldn’t allow us to cover the shipping cost. I would highly recommend them. Our eldest will more than likely need braces and even with the 2 hour round trip drive we will use The Smile Doctors in Dublin, Ga.


It been a long time coming I really love my smile


The entire staff is very pleasant and works with their patients I love smile doctors


Loved my experience all my questions where answered awesome customer service and braces on the same day as consult a plus I would definitely recommend

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Confident Smiles Made Daily

Our office offers a breadth of services to meet your needs. Check out the overview of our services listed below or book a consultation to discuss which services are best for you.

  • Braces
  • Invisalign® Aligners
  • Smile Express®
  • Retainers
  • Kids 7 & up
  • Remote Care

Our Team

You can have it all!  We work with patients to achieve their full smile potential by creating exceptional experiences provided by rockstar team members who help to deliver awesome outcomes every day.  Confident smiles are made daily at Smile Doctors.

Gary Jones
Dr. Gary Jones

Gary Jones treats his patients like family and enjoys helping them be the best they can be in life while achieving the best smiles possible.

Jones received his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from the University of Georgia and went on to earn his Doctorate of Medicine in Dentistry from the Medical College of Georgia along with his orthodontic certificate.

He has decades of orthodontic experience and is a member of the Georgia Dental Association, American Dental Association, American Association of Orthodontists, Southern Association of Orthodontists, and Georgia Association of Orthodontists.

In his spare time, Jones enjoys spending time with his family, traveling,


my mom wants to get me braces but she does not know where to go to get them so i’m looking through the reviews and I think i’m going to go here.

Lasonja Rozier

I just started treatment with Smile Doctors today and l was so happy with their service. You can see how busy this team stays but they still take the time to make the experience so amazing. I was really nervous but they made me feel so much better. 😃😃

Frankie Powell

The entire staff is very pleasant and works with their patients I love smile doctors

Danielle McClendon

The staff is the absolute best and treated me, my wife and son with the utmost respect. I have never been so impressed with the staff of a business. They are always super friendly and always remember my son, their patient, by name. The office is super clean and modern. The quality of work and braces is second-to-none!

Stephen Conner

Great doctor , great staff.

Kimberly Warnock
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