“What a fantastic office!”

Daniele Quinn

“Wow, where do I even start… Back in 2019 I was at one of the lowest places that I’ve ever been. My health wasn’t good and when I say health I mean my physical health, my emotional health, and my mental health. What brought all of this on was a toxic job situation in dentistry. Me being the peacemaker that I am, I developed emotional trauma or PTSD because I didn’t know how to process what was happening to me. In the process of finding out that I had that going on, I also started to have bite issues. I was clenching a lot, I would wake up with jaw soreness, and that was only the physical manifestations of my emotional health. Thank God I was led to a Functional Doctor in Greensboro, NC and my life started to change. One of the things you have to look at from a functional perspective is the mouth because it is the beginning of the digestive tract and anything compromising oral health can also compromise the rest of the body, not only physically, but mentally or emotionally as well. I was then recommended to go to a Holistic Dentist to check for cavitations, etc. which then recommended I see Dr. Matt at Lineberger Orthodontics in Charlotte, NC. The very first appointment I had at Lineberger, they made me feel welcome, they made me feel encouraged, and they quieted so many fears that I had. The first time I went there, Dr. Matt wasn’t there because he had a few days old baby at home that his wife had just given birth to as well as three other children he was caring for. What I absolutely loved and respected about him was the fact that even though he had a new patient coming in that day, he was at home helping to care for his family and that spoke volumes to me. Another thing that really spoke to me was the fact that he was on the phone with the ladies I was meeting with at the same time so he could make sure I was being taken care of. I remember thinking after that appointment that I could not wait to meet him at my next visit. Since that very first visit in August 2019 he has continued to be welcoming, fun, hilarious, energetic, always happy to see me and a very passionate orthodontist that has put so much work and effort into my mouth, specifically me fighting bite issues, and along the way him telling me and reassuring me that we would figure it out and not to worry. In the beginning of this journey when all I did was worry because I was trying to figure out my own health, he was a bright light in my darkness. The last issue I had was a retainer issue that I actually went today and got scanned for, he again reassured me and said we are going to figure this out. Me being where I am now in my healing journey, I had no anxiety about it and I haven’t worried about it. I totally felt at peace when he said those words. If you are looking for an orthodontist to not only care about your teeth but care about you and how you’re feeling as well, go see Dr. Matt at Lineberger Orthodontics. You will not be disappointed and you will leave there feeling better than you did when you walked in. They will care for you, they will reassure you, and they will make you feel like you are their only patient. These are all the reasons why I make a three hour round-trip to their office every visit. It is 100% worth your time and money! Sincerely, a very grateful patient!♥️”

Brittany Mabe

“My visit was great, Adan did such a great job at my appointment he is a great employee for smile doctors. I will request to see him only !”

Pepe Lara

“The staff are professional and kind, and Doctor Soni truly cares about his patients.”

tyler ware

“I love how kind all the employees are here. They laugh at all my jokes and think the best of me, helping us decide the best possible option. -Evelyn Buklad”

Jill Buklad

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