As an adult, we all want to make the right choices to save time, get the most for our money, and have the best experience all at the same time. In all of these regards, when it comes to your orthodontic treatment, Invisalign® fits the bill!

Invisalign® is the latest technological advancement in orthodontics. The aligner trays are a great alternative to traditional braces and designed deliver beautiful, healthy results. You may ask, “Why Invisalign® instead of traditional braces?” As both treatment methods are a great way to straighten your teeth, let’s consider why, for many adults, Invisalign® is a great way to go.

The primary reason adults tend to prefer Invisalign® is that this treatment is almost invisible to others. From a social standpoint, many people will not even know you are having orthodontic treatment, just that you seem to be getting prettier/more handsome every time they see you! The aligners can be removed for meals, dates, professional photos, etc. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about food getting stuck in and around your braces when out to lunch – or having to say “no” to that caramel apple that has been calling your name all day!

From an orthodontic standpoint, you generally change into new aligners (which look a lot like bleaching trays) every week. So, your teeth are gently and comfortably moving all the time. The trays are numbered and given to you in multiple sets. In some cases, depending on your bite and desired results, this system can allow treatment to go faster than with traditional braces while minimizing time away from your work, family, and daily responsibilities. Using Invisalign® is also ideal for adults that travel a lot, as well as for treatment to continue while a patient may be away for college, working overseas, or serving in the military as you require less visits at the orthodontists, and in some cases, trays can be shipped directly to the patient without an orthodontic visit. Continued treatment with braces in these scenarios would be much more difficult.

You will also often notice healthier gums with Invisalign® patients. This can likely be attributed to the fact that brushing and flossing is a lot simpler of a process than having to get in, around, and between brackets and wires with traditional braces. No “Christmas Tree” cleaner or floss-threader required! Just you, your brushing and flossing supplies, and your removeable aligners – the dream team of hygiene maintenance during orthodontic treatment.

And, possibly the greatest news, as far as results, it is nearly impossible to tell who has been treated with Invisalign® vs. braces. Both treatments can give you the same beautiful, healthy smile.

Whatever your orthodontic needs or preferences, you will find the results from orthodontic treatment to be a welcome boost to your self-esteem and overall dental health. Sign up online or give us a call to schedule your FREE initial consultation with Smile Doctors to explore your options. Whether you are treated with braces or Invisalign®, your Smile Doctors Team is here to make you Smile Happy!

Dr. Jo Hansen is a licensed orthodontist experienced in both braces and Invisalign®. Dr. Hansen practices with our Lee’s Summit, MO and Harrisonville, MO locations. Visit our Lee’s Summit, MO location page to learn more!