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At-Home impressions 101

By The Smile Doctors Team

Meet your At-Home Impression Kit – Here is a step-by-step guide to making a great set of impressions! 

Confidence is a beautiful thing. We want to give you the power to share it with the world through your smile! That’s why from the moment you start your Smile Doctors journey, we promise it will be awesome. 

Before you get started, watch these videos on how to take awesome impressions! 


Tips and Tricks

Double Check!

Your Impression Kit should contain the following:


    One pair of gloves


    Three (3) impression trays


    Three (3) impression trays


    12 containers of putty (6 blue) (6 white)


    This is the Invisalign Prescription Form that will need to be returned with your finished impressions


    Package that will be used to mail your finished impressions

Get Ready!

Here are a few important tips to prepare for a successful first impression! 

Brush em all

It’s important to start with a clean slate! Make sure to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth before moving forward. 


Have a timer ready! This will let you know how long to hold the tray in your mouth for the putty to set up fully. 

Napkin and Mirror

Things can get a little messy! Have a napkin or towel ready just in case, or lean over your sink and use the mirror to help you with placement of the tray. 

Ideal Impression

  1. Gumline is present
  2. Only one single imprint
  3. Make sure molars are captured
  4. The putty is fully mixed

Try to Avoid the Following: 







Your on your way to make a great impression!

Mix and Roll

Don’t delay! Once mixed, the putty has a 60-second window before it needs to be in your mouth. Mix one tray at a time, starting with the upper. Put the gloves on and mix the blue putty and whiteputty together.
(within 25 seconds) 

After mixing, roll it between your two hands to create an approximate 3 inch rope. (within 10 seconds) Then, place the putty into the impression tray. (within 15 seconds) Once the impression tray is complete, repeat for the lower tray.


With your upper tray, open wide and in one single motion: 1. Center the tray on your front teeth 2. Press the tray deeply and evenly onto all of your teeth. Be sure the impression fits snuggly around all of your teeth and onto your gums. 


Relax! Keep the tray positioned in your mouth for 3 minutes and 30 seconds so the putty can set. We recommend remaining still during this part of the process. 

After completing your upper impression, it’s time to complete the lower tray! Repeat the same steps as the upper tray and make sure to keep your tongue out of the way.


Nice work! Now that you’ve completed one (1) upper and one (1) lower impression, it’s time to complete a second and third set. 


Place your finished impressions back in the clear bags, then place these in the return package that was provided along with your Invisalign Prescription form, seal up the package and place in the mailbox! 

After mailing back your impressions, you can expect your personalized aligners to arrive within 2-3 weeks. When you receive your aligners, please call the Aligner Concierge to activate Dental Monitoring for your treatment and schedule your next appointments. 


Q: What if my impression trays don’t fit?
A: If your trays do not fit, call our Aligner Concierge at 1 (877) 244-8173 as soon as possible so we can send you a different size.

Q: What if I mess up both sets of impressions?
A: If both sets of impressions cannot be used, please call our Aligner Concierge at 1 (877) 244-8173 as soon as possible so we can mail you new trays and putty.

Q: When will I receive my aligners?
A: As soon as you mail the complete impressions, the turnaround time to receive your aligners is approximately 2-3 weeks.

Q: What if I threw away the package that I was supposed to send my impressions back with?
A: Please contact our Aligner Concierge for further instruction on how to print a new shipping label. Any box can be used to mail these back!

Need additional help?

Contact our Aligner Concierge at 1 (877) 244-8173 (Monday – Friday, 7a – 7p CST) or email at